Wednesday, April 11, 2007

BlogThis - making it work with Firefox 2.0+

This post explains how to get older extensions working with newer versions of Firefox. You need to scroll right down to this comment to get the full details.

If you're running WinXP then you don't need WinZip - just rename the .xpi file to .zip, make the changes, then rename it back to .xpi. Probably worth keeping a copy of the original in case anything goes amiss.

If you've already tried to install this extension / addon then you will also need to modify "\extensions\Extensions.rdf". Edit the following section:
 <RDF:Description RDF:about="rdf:#$7+zqw1"
em:maxVersion="3.0" />

... such that the values for minVersion and maxVersion match those in the "install.rdf" file within the .xpi file / package.

Once you're done, place the .xpi file into "\extensions" and restart Firefox. It should pick up the new extension and give you the opportunity to install it.

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